Good Day

Yesterday was a typical weather day here- chilly, damp and no sun.  It could be worse, and Wednesday promises to deliver some sort of spring snow again.  However, the day inside was very good.  A visit from a long time friend for an “Art Day” provided much conversation, show and tell, sharing of ideas, materials and techniques and the pleasure of working beside one of the most creative people I know.

With a vague idea of a direction for my collage of the day, I tried to jump in and just go with the flow.  After borrowing some Golden acrylic gold paint I started illuminating the surface.  I grabbed some scraps from the previous collage and added some circular images to hide a rectangular edge that bothered me.  As I was about to throw in the towel and wait for another day to inspire some resolution, I reached for the scraps of a print of the quinoa substrate.  Tearing and gluing with matte medium seemed to provide the detail necessary to work with the layers of the background. 

A trip to Michael’s for some Golden metallic paint is in the near future.  They have weekly coupons in the newspaper which I use since I believe most of their merchandise is overpriced.  Online suppliers are usually more economical, but the wait factor usually favors a trip to the store instead.

I am hoping my friend  (you can see her work on links on the right:  theartmotel and loretta2) will post a book of images that she is working on.  Her clever use of an old book as a place to use up paints and materials at the end of the day is filled with wonderful little pieces.  The print shows through her paintings and sometimes she emphasizes text from the book as part of her page.  It is a great recycling of materials that reminds me of a visual journal.

For all the years that we have known each other, we have never spent any time actually working on art side by side.  It was so much fun I really didn’t notice the nasty weather outside and the fact that I had a headache that just wouldn’t quit.  Hopefully there will be more art days in the future for us.

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