Window Weather

For two consecutive days we had temperatures in the sixties.  Since weather can’t be taken for granted at this time of the year I spent some time raking up the leaves that blew in our yard from across the street.  This accumulation was of course after we paid for leaf removal.  At any rate, it was also time to cut back the hosta stalks that somehow I neglected before the winter arrived.  Since we have deer we also have deer ticks.  Bella receives a monthly application of Frontline Plus to protect her from ticks and fleas.  They still jump onto her, but they don’t live for very long.  Unfortunately there is no human equivalent.  Today I found two deer ticks nicely embedded in my arm and back.  I have been tested multiple times for Lyme disease.  So far I have been lucky.

The warm temperatures wake up the hibernating ticks and the raking stirred them up. We usually experience a few ticks in early spring and again in late summer and early fall.  Winter is pretty much the only time they don’t come out to play.  Today, in addition to the nasty ticks, we also saw the thermometer drop back into the low thirties.  As if that wasn’t bad enough we got to see snow cover the grass once again.  Luckily it disappeared by the afternoon, but the mere sight of it literally put a chill on the first part of the day.

My collage is a depiction of the day through my window.  Birds, leaves I neglected to rake, seeds around the feeders,  a dusting of snow on the ground all mixed with a sliver of sunlight.  I tried to use some script in the background again.  This time it turned out better and became distant under the layer of tissue paper and colored pencil. Reappearing substrate photos of the sage leaves, feathers and quinoa were also used.  The photographs do not show all the detail in the background.  I’m not sure the scanned detail does any better.  Maybe I do need a new and better camera.

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