Last night the sky presented a full, bright moon for all to enjoy.    Many attempts to document the event failed, but one almost seemed to capture the hot spot above.  My favorite scene in “Moonstruck” follows the grandfather on his evening walk with his many dogs. They come upon a spot where the full moon is dominating the expanse above.  All the dogs chime in for a chorus of lunar lament.  I’m not sure why I love the sound of howling dogs, but it has always amused me.  Unfortunately Bella is not a howler and she slept through the March moonscape.

Last month I actually got a few better shots of the full moon.  I think it  appeared larger to me; possibly the photos were taken at different times .  Living in a higher elevation with less pollution affords us many clear and sparkling night time views- another reason why I don’t miss New Jersey. 

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