Fantasy Spring

Half way through March and somehow I am not sure we are done with winter.  Small signs of spring are out there, but so is the remaining snow from last week’s storm.  The miniature yellow flowers hugging the ground at our neighbor’s house across the street give me hope.  Our forsythia bushes are abundant with buds.  The dogwood tree is also ready and waiting for warmth to unfold its buds and blooms.  I haven’t seen any returning birds yet, but the winter regulars are busy and loud.

The icy header and background on this page has been replaced with lilacs and blue grape hyacinths from last spring.  I’m hoping that the pruning to our lilac bush will not affect its capacity to fill our yard with perfumed perfection.  The snow will need to melt in order for me to clean up the flower beds and ready them for the anticipated returning perennials.

Spring is my favorite season.  I tolerate the rain and sometimes chilly days in order to enjoy the renewed growth and warmth that is sure to come.  In the meantime images of spring frolic in my imagination and color my collage with wishful thinking.

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