Ferris, Revisited

Although I have probably devoted enough time to posts about my recently departed dog Ferris, I took a little time to construct a memorial collage to him. The color photos were taken about six years ago when he was eleven.  The black and white Ferris and the cuddling Berio and Ferris in the upper right corner were taken within the last year.  Foraging around looking for photos of another event I came across some early photos of Ferris.  They reminded me that he once had pep in his step, that he allowed me to bathe and brush him and that in his prime he was actually a handsome little guy. The above photo displays his Don Ameche moustache and his show dog potential.  Both Don and Meech were nicknames that we favored.  Like all life ending experiences I hope some day to only recall the good times. Nothing will erase his personality and unpredictable nature.  His fears dominated his attack persona, but he was a relatively good dog to the family members.  Ferris actually displays a smile (and other parts) in the photo to the right.  Collage is below.

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