Winter Window

After three months of fairly regular snow I can safely say I am ready for spring.  Spring here has its negatives, too.  Lots of rain, lots of mud and sometimes, like Sunday, major snow storms.  By mid morning Monday we could have nineteen inches of the heavy white variety sitting on top of slushy, non absorbent ground.  All in all not a pretty picture.  Hopefully my collage rendition of today will evoke memories of a more scenic snow.  

Collecting a variety of white paper scraps was easy. Tearing them and creating a pile from which to randomly grab makes for a speedy process.  If only my matte medium hadn’t run out I probably would have finished this collage even faster.  More art faster.  Instead I used a watery wash of  gesso.  It seems to work to slightly mute the colors and also gives the surface a chalky appearance.  OK for a snow image.  I am happy with the subtle color variations created by layering the torn pieces of magazine pages.  The sewing machine stitches are limited as I suspect my machine is annoyed that it must pierce through stiff paper and paint rather than soft and flexible fabric.  It may be time to torture myself and try sewing something with fabric.  I have collected prints of all my pets (except the last three) on fabric.  It won’t be a quilt or wall hanging since I already have too many of those.  Chances are I am leaning towards a book of some sort.  We shall see.

Below is the scanned detail of my winter window collage (colors are more accurate on the complete photo image above):

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