Sunny Side Up

It is unfortunate that people unfamiliar with the landscapes of New Jersey sometimes think that the entire state resembles the view along the northern miles of the NJ Turnpike.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Although the area of southwestern NJ where we lived for thirty-three years is a fairly flat terrain, it is replete with miles of farmlands of great beauty.  The eastern coastline and the northern hills add to the frequently misrepresented Garden State’s environs.  Admittedly, there are cities and congested roadways that tarnish the image, but on the whole New Jersey is a rather pretty place to live.  The areas of heavy population were creeping into the quiet southern Jersey landscape.  Travelling anywhere was a challenge and at retirement we decided to ditch our county and township for a place of even more beauty.  New York State, especially the Finger Lakes, lured us with its extraordinary contrasts.  Mountains, lakes, farms and state parks along side universities, restaurants and wineries presented the balance between nature and culture that we longed for.

As we approach spring another winter weather warning of eight to fourteen inches of snow is sure to deliver today and tonight.  I’m guessing the stereotypical harsh winters of the region keep some people away.  Although I am tired of the winter white stuff, I know the spectacular weather is not far away.

Using the torn paper exercise of Bee Shay’s “Collage Lab” book I searched my paper scraps for the landscape colors that I long for.  Adding a silkscreened sun and some stitching seemed to brighten my outlook on the day.  I may try a torn white landscape today since there will be much inspiration before me.  A scanned detail of Sunny Side Up is below:

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