Dairy Queens

When I graduated from high school my hair was very short.  During my four years at college I never once had a haircut, resulting in the longest hair of my adult life.  As an art major I either pulled it back in a pony tail or wore a scarf to confine it.  A number of years later a colleague and friend introduced my husband and I to a couple who would remain two of our closest friends to this day.  This pair owned an antique shop and the husband ran the business where we bought a number of beautiful pieces of furniture.  Like our friendship, the oak drop leaf table, walnut armoire, walnut roll top desk and walnut curio cabinet are still with us and cherished.  Two oak sideboards formerly in our dining room now reside in the home of our daughter.  On one visit to this wonderful shop I noticed a framed print of a milk maiden, with scarf, tending to her chores with her bovine beauty.  The woman in the print looked remarkably like me.  I had to have this print and like so many other treasures we acquired from our friend,  I still have it so many years after.

I believe this print was the first in a very large collection of cow related collectibles.  On second thought, I started my cow acquistions on a trip to the Finger Lakes where I purchased my first white ceramic cow creamer.  Many of the cows in my collection have come from family and friends.  There is not one room in our house that is cow free.  Limiting my acquisition of more cows was a necessity since the herd is quite large enough.

Returning to Bee Shay’s book “Collage Lab” inspired me to try using some commercial stamps (a cow, of course) and multiple copies of cows.  This may be the first bovine themed piece of art I have ever attempted.  Now I wish that I had taken advantage of the dairy farm that used to operate close to where we lived in NJ.  Our trips there were limited, as the first visit with our then very young daughter was met with not so rave reviews.  She was unable to get past the odors on the farm and our visit to the farm was brief.  We do live down the road from a dairy farm now.  A stray cow from that farm found herself on our property next to our garage.  I was walking back from our mailbox across the street when met by an equally surprised cow.  Whatever I uttered was enough to send her back into the woods.  Hopefully she made it back.  My collage is dedicated to these gentle dairy queens.


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