For the past few days I have been working on three collages that I will call vegetarian kimonos.  Since my last kimono themed explorations I have started to use sewing machine stitching as an alternative to drawn lines.  Today I happily completed all the painting, gluing and textures.  Looking forward to using the sewing machine on a smaller piece of paper, I began adding stitching to the first of three pieces.  After a considerable amount of time I decided it was done and it was time to begin the second of three pieces.  I went to the watercolor block where I had placed all three drawings but only found one.  Thinking I had put it elsewhere, I searched without success.  Briefly I entertained the idea that I had carelessly sewn two collages together.  Dismissing this thought, since it would have just been too stupid, I continued my search.  In the end I did find the second collage very much attached to the first.  Apparently when I stacked the three pieces something allowed them to stick to one another.  Upon further inspection I realized I was now in for a long haul to separate the two.

Both my mother and grandmother were whizzes in sewing.  I cannot say the same.  Sewing has always created frustration for me.  Either the machine was faulty, or I just didn’t get it right.  I never derived as much pleasure as my relatives with the whole process.  My level of patience for myself has been almost nonexistent in the past.  Teaching requires ungodly amounts of patience.  My children frequently challenged me to lose my patience and we must not forget Ferris.  He is the ultimate test of patience.  There just wasn’t enough patience leftover for me.  Sewing required too much patience.  Today was no exception.

This mega mistake would have driven me to violent screaming and carrying on in the past. How could I ever do such a dumb thing?  Pleasantly surprised myself, I can proudly say I considered my options and decided to attempt to separate them with my trusty seam ripper.  This was not working at a speed I would consider acceptable.  My ever supportive husband suggested I use an x-acto knife to cut the threads between the pages.  I had thought about this earlier, but was sure I would slice through something by mistake.  Since the seam ripper was going nowhere fast, I took a chance with the knife.  It paid off and I was able to remove all the stitching quickly.

The holes left after the thread was removed actually looked good to me.  Both pieces were saved and after a moderate amount of additional stitching I am pleased with the results of all three collages.  The photos  are taken with a camera and the details with a scanner. Patience is definitely a virtue.

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  1. The green beans and tomatoes were photos I shot at our Farmer’s Market. The rosemary is my plant…corn was from a seed catalogue.

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