Overly Embellished Life Fabric

My previous post showed an unfinished collage I did connecting fabric, garments and photographs of my mother and my two grandmothers.  Because the piece focused on weaving a background from cut strips of prints of garments made by these women, I was determined to attempt to create the usual drawing I add to the collages with sewing machine stitching.   The 18″ X 24″ size of the collage was a challenge on my machine, but I must say I now have more control over the reverse feature.  The stitching didn’t always go where I wanted it to go, but it further cemented the idea of the piece and seemed to relate the two generations on either side of the collage with a nice linear pattern.

The stitching also promises to keep the glued layers in place if the paste, white glue, spray adhesive and matte medium decide to fail.  Happy also to report that my sewing machine had no problem getting through the many layers of paper.  A number of Collage Lab exercises were incorporated into this piece.  And yes, I am still having fun even if all these explorations just sit in a portfolio.  The piece is definitely busier than I would like; hopefully the muted colors help to unify the space.  It is a patchwork of ideas, feelings and techniques and somewhat of a glorified scrapbook page.  That’s OK for now.  Some scanned images show  details:

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4 Responses to Overly Embellished Life Fabric

  1. Loretta says:

    Love it! I love freehand sewing on paper, also!

  2. Loretta says:

    PS…I love the close-up of your two grandmothers and of your mom as individual prints. Would love to buy a print of each (including the whole collage also) for Asha (and a set for me, too)!!! I really love how they look!

  3. I like the parts better than the whole, too. I also like the back of the piece which just shows the bobbin stitching. Will get some prints to you once I get some good paper.

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