She Sells Seashells at the Seashore

Today is forty degrees colder than yesterday and it is snowing again.  There shouldn’t be an accumulation of any significance, but the grass that was visible is now long gone.  Oh well.  To combat the return of the cold, windy, gray and white day I decided to work on a collage with a summer theme.

Since yesterday presented the opportunity to get to some sand we have stored in kitty litter buckets outside,  I did the organic texture exercise with matte medium and sand.  First I randomly stamped the title of this post around a masked area.  Since there was no uniformity or for that matter, control, I overlapped, purposely reversed letters and generally just used the text as ‘text’ure.  Surgical gloves might be a good idea the next time I use these stamps.  Almost as much ink ended up on my finger tips as did on the paper.  The sand was applied next after covering the paper with medium.  Even though I liked the result it did not prevent me from layering some washes of blue before cutting and gluing the drawings and prints of my sea shells.  Of course a little ebony and colored pencil was necessary, too.  Not a museum quality piece by any means, but it is another experiment that I did enjoy.  Unfortunately the cut out shells that I glued to the sand surface are hanging on by a thread.  I did have the foresight to mask the area where the largest rectangle drawing would be glued to avoid the previously mentioned problem again.  More matte medium to the rescue.

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