More Art Faster

“More art faster” was a quote I remember from my RISD year.  I’m pretty sure Art Wood was fond of saying this and there may have even been printed stickers with the phrase.  That was a LONG time ago and some of my memories have fuzzy edges.  I do know that the process of art making produces the need to make more art faster.  I guess it’s similar to doing some sort of physical exercise.  Moving around and burning some calories produces more energy, and thus, more exercise.

Each time I engage myself in a creative adventure I fuel my need to do another piece. It has been said that artists are never done since they are always in pursuit of improvement.  There is something else to try, some variation undone, some new idea to communicate.  Yesterday was the dreaded trip to Wegmans.  Don’t get me wrong, the store is fantastic.  Everything imaginable is there.  We manage to make a ‘big shop’ once every two weeks with a short trip in between for the things that didn’t last that long.  Since we enjoy eating and I generally don’t mind cooking,  food shopping is necessary, and thus a chore.  I really need to start thinking about these trips to the supermarket as similar to going to an art supply store.  Ingredients make the meal;  art supplies make the art.  Did I mention my love of Prismacolor Colored Pencils?  They are, in my opinion, the very best.

As a big fan of citrus fruits, I loaded up on oranges, grapefruits and clementines.  I am not a big fan of the wooden boxes that usually hold the clementines, nor do I need that many since I have lots of other fruit in the house.  A marketing genius (lots of them work at Wegmans) decided to package a smaller amount of clementine oranges in a nice plastic mesh bag.  Actually the oranges and grapefruits also came in their own mesh bags. Normally I would have opened the bag, placed the fruit either in a bowl or the refrigerator and thrown the bags away.  Now, since I’m a disciple of the book “Collage Lab” by Bee Shay, everything looks like an art supply to me.

I used the mesh bag, an old silkscreen print, my organic texture prints of sage and bay leaves, gesso, matte medium and ebony pencil to create today’s piece of art (?) I would like to start another piece, but Ferris will beckon for hourly visits to the yard.  It is ridiculously warm here today, somewhere in the mid sixties and everything is melting.  Unfortunately the ground doesn’t seem to be absorbing the meltdown.  By tomorrow the paths on the lawn will become serious ice skating rinks.  I think I saw buds on my dogwood tree.  I hope they survive the cold temperatures which are sure to return this weekend.

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