Organic Textures

Organic Texture CollageYesterday on one of my many walks in our yard with my dog  Ferris I noticed a few oak leaves left over from the autumn and some clippings from one of our trees that I had used as a Christmas decoration.  Having finished my explorations with grains and herbs from the kitchen, I decided to try adhering the outdoor treasures to a heavy piece of watercolor paper.  Many layers of matte medium, gesso, tissue paper, paint and colored pencil yielded an interesting background.  It was difficult to keep it flat and glued to the surface.  The stems and twigs were probably thicker than I would like, but since this was an experiment it made more sense not to limit myself.   One of the substrates from yesterday is now glued on top of the rest of layers along with a print of the same which actually changed the greens to blues.  Allowing the printer to edit my work, for better or for worse, has been fun.  I will revisit the gluing problem and attempt  to secure it more permanently.  Remembering that the process is the most important part of this journey can sometimes help when the results don’t always work as well as they could.  Working with non traditional materials is leading me to all sorts of discoveries about what I want my art to be, and how to get it there.

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2 Responses to Organic Textures

  1. Loretta2 says:

    Loving these textures! And is the rectangle actually a copy of another textured peiece? that is the way I understood what you wrote…which I also love!

    • The rectangle in the center is an actual textured piece with the rice and sesame seeds. The darker blue strips are from the copy of the piece, which the scanner and printer created in a darker color. I like the surprise nature of what happens with the scanned copies. Ron of course wants to control and change the automatic settings.

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