Organic Substrates

Today was fairly productive.  I compiled all the necessary forms and information for our accountant and sent it off for tax preparations.  It’s always a good feeling to get that done.  Now we’ll just have to wait and see if our beloved federal and state governments will require that we pay even more.  Determined to limit the number of accidents Ferris would have in the house, I also spent a great part of the day taking him outside.  I’m sure he doesn’t know the difference at this point, but I was hoping that my timing would coincide with his needs.  Only one early morning problem from Ferris, but the evening is still young.

This afternoon I decided to get back to the exercises in the book “Collage Lab.”  I have found that I prefer to do an exploration and then find a way to incorporate the technique or piece into a more finished collage.  I may start jumping around in the book, which is also a suggestion from the author, Bee Shay.   The results of printing the scanned experiments into a larger, more detailed version is still the best part of the process.  There will be some thought tomorrow about what to do with these textures and images.  An inevitable return to the silkscreen editions and possibly a direct print from the organic textures combined in some sort of collage will probably appear in the next few days.

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