Paul Klee and Marvin the Martian

During my art history classes in college I never quite saw the relationships that my professor wanted us to discover.  Although I loved looking at art and hearing her lectures, she was not one of my favorite teachers.  The feeling was probably mutual.  She was rigid and unwilling to accept my thoughts.  At any rate, my art history grades were not the best of my collegiate career.  In this class, or maybe it was my Contemporary Art History class which I did like because it was taught by someone else,  I became familiar with the artist Paul Klee. His paintings were appealing to me.  I liked the whimsical nature and the sense of movement in his work.

My most recent collage is another combination of my silkscreen prints, a gesso substrate, colored pencil, ebony pencil and white charcoal.  After arranging and gluing the silkscreen elements I immediately thought of the Marvin the Martian cartoon.  Hoping I would be able to disguise that somehow, I began working on the background.  I had forgotten my love of the ebony pencil.  It is a soft, deep, rich, dark lead that I almost always used in my drawings.  Pondering what I was going to do to improve the contrast on the piece, I happily remembered the ebony pencil and all its qualities.  I actually thought parts of the background reminded me of Paul Klee.  In no way do I believe my art is even remotely similar to that of Paul Klee.  Again, I admire his playfulness and the kinetic energy of his work along with his use of color.  I am only attempting to infuse my own work with a less static format that also brings a sense of whimsy. This morning I finished the collage and will definitely be using the ebony again.  The photograph above is not the best.  I scanned a portion of the image.  A detail of the collage is below.

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2 Responses to Paul Klee and Marvin the Martian

  1. loretta2 says:

    Visual YUMMY!

  2. I am a bit dismayed to see my collage posted on the sharing site Pinterest and labeled as a Paul Klee collage. If you are going to use someone’s imagery without permission, at least get the the origin correct…or read the entire post, which clearly states Paul Klee was an influence here, not the artist who did the collage. He would be turning in his grave. (loretta2, this has nothing to do with your comment, which I totally appreciate!)

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