Demitasse, more commonly known as Demi, came to us via the Turner Place Finishing School for Cats (aka Ray and Pam’s foster cat care.)  She was born exactly one month after my mother died.  Pam and Ray saw it as a sign that this kitten who was born at their home to a mother cat they named Annie in honor of our mother, should become one of my clan in memory of my mother.  Yes, everyone seems to give me the gift of animals instead of more practical things.  Demi was tiny when she arrived in NJ.  She was and is a very curious cat.  She has been nicknamed ‘the inspector’ and to this day is still the cat who will be investigating everything new that comes into our house.  Anyway, Demi managed to fall through the guard rail in our hallway on the second floor.  She landed on the first floor wooden hallway with a thump loud enough to startle me.  I found her stunned, but not obviously hurt in any way.  I made sure that she remained awake, fearing she might have caused herself to have a concussion.  Demi has grown into a lovely adult cat.  She has some balance problems that cats don’t usually have.  Her clumsiness adds to her appeal as the investigator.  She also has a auto immune disease which attacks her gums.  She has had all her teeth removed and remains on a steady diet of prednisolone and antacid tablets.  Aside from a bit of discomfort and distress when something she eats gets caught in her gum pockets,  Demi manages well and settles onto my lap on a daily basis.  As the anniversary of my mother’s death approaches next week we will get ready to celebrate Demi’s eighth birthday the following month.  It doesn’t seem possible my mother has already been gone for eight years.

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  1. Beautiful! So glad to see your work happening…you have amazing talent and vision..miss you!

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