Pink Flamingo

The only real flamingo I have ever seen was living at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Although we did take our children to the zoo on a few occasions,  I remember a special field trip taken with art department at the school where I taught.  It was structured to provide the students with a live venue for drawing animals and landscapes.  We dragged drawing boards,  stools, watercolor supplies and of course sketch books, pencils and cameras.  I managed to get a few good shots of the flamingo area.  I regret to say that not all the students took full advantage of the day for art purposes.  Those who did came away with some good stuff.  It was a very hot day and I admit that my art production was also limited at the zoo. 

This collage is a combination of a printed corrugated substrate, a gesso substrate, one of my old silkscreen prints and a flamingo photograph.  This collage is slightly larger than my scanning bed; the somewhat distorted image above is a photo. Colored pencil works its way into most of my collages and as I have mentioned previously, a lot of cat hair.  My husband noted that hundreds of years in the future when someone is trying to authenticate my work, the basis for determining that authenticity will be the cat hair.   When you love cats you get used to the cat hair.

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  1. loretta2 says:

    I LOVE this Jane!!! I have just signed up to be notified when you post. I completely love your style!

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