Corrugated Substrates

Lab 5:  Corrugated Substrates (Collage Lab by Bee Shay)

These explorations allowed me to work with texture and color.  As usual, my explorations are probably not simple enough to use as backgrounds.  Again, I printed the scanned versions and now have a larger paper image I can use as a collage background or element. Without the enlarging I really don’t have space left to continue the work.  I can see how this process would lend itself to a less structured background.  I liked the controlled spontaneity of the cutting, piercing and tearing of the corrugated layers. The decision to cut or pierce was mine but the tearing was done more freely, without trying to control the outcome.  The paint applications were either on a gesso prepared surface or directly onto the cardboard.  The examples with white in the recesses had the gesso applied before the paint.  Layering light paint on dark paint, and vice versa, creates a nice depth to the color.  I couldn’t resist trying a figurative image; the cat may work itself into a drawing someday.  The next lab explores using organics and matte medium.  If I felt as if I was back in high school Art 1 today, I am sure to connect to my elementary days on the organic lab.  Revisiting these techniques is nostalgic but also a great reminder that using nontraditional materials with traditional art supplies can be totally new and worth trying.

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2 Responses to Corrugated Substrates

  1. loretta2 says:

    You’re hitting all my art sensory buttons! Ooooohhh the corrugation!

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