Color Search

An exercise in the Collage Lab book suggests looking through magazines and quickly selecting colors or color combinations that are appealing.  I started this last week, finding my color preferences easily, but not looking forward to the tedium of cutting and pasting these examples together.  Today I finally tackled the chore.  Once completed, the swatches of color are a handy reference.  I didn’t look for individual colors since I basically like all colors.  My swatch file is more an example of color schemes or harmonies.  I do favor certain groups of colors:  greens, blue-greens, reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and violets.  This is pretty evident in the choices I made for this exercise, as well as my art work, my environment and sometimes, even my wardrobe.  Actually black shows up more in my wardrobe than anywhere else.  Now I just need to punch holes and thread some string through to keep them together.  Today’s trip to the Salvation Army did yield another plastic set of drawers on wheels.  For now it is also in the sun room.  In the summer I hope to relocate all the messy materials and processes in the basement.  We still have some rearranging to do in order for me to actually do this.  I may keep the drawing table upstairs for, of all things, drawing!

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