Serigraphs and Spray Adhesive

Finally the many editions of silkscreen prints I did so many years ago are serving some purpose besides taking up space.  I have dragged these from Providence RI, to Palmyra NJ, to Moorestown NJ , to Mt. Holly NJ and finally to Ithaca NY.  It has been interesting to cut and paste them into my collage attempts.  It was also time to break out the good spray glue.  There is no ventilation in our basement and we have a gas furnace.  This is not a good combination for a highly flammable spray.  The sun room where I assemble these pages also has a portable gas heater and no ventilation unless I open a window.  Although the outside temperature was far below the suggested warmth needed to have the glue function properly, I took the pieces out the door on a piece of newspaper and quickly sprayed them.  The glue remained tacky enough to reposition the serigraph scraps on my experimental substrates.  I did soften the brightness of some of the print colors by washing some gesso over them.  The profile collage is close to finished, for now.

My next trip to the Salvation Army will be to search for an old sewing machine that still works.  I really visualize these pieces with machine stitching somehow incorporated.  When still teaching I had access to indestructible Singer classroom sewing machines.  Before the addition was built at our school some of us taught in regular classrooms and a Home Economics sewing classroom.  With the room we inherited their old machines.  They were perfect for the craft classes and survived unbelievable abuse at the hands of my students.  I did some sewing back then on a self portrait and always liked the way the stitches and loose threads looked with my drawing and the paper.   What I have noticed with my new collages is a similar color palette to that of my old prints.  I guess I am partial to purple, pink, blue and orange.  Those colors just keep showing up.  Maybe it is time for me to actually do the color swatch exercise from the ‘Collage Lab’ book.  It will be interesting to see what colors appeal to me when they are not dictated by a box of old prints.  I’m not sure I left any room on these compositions for anything whimsical.  These seem to rely not only on my old colors and prints, but also old formats for compositions.  Tomorrow is another day.

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