Home Sweet Home

I really should be making notations when I attempt to actually develop a collage.  The first one I completed as a result of numerous explorations involving substrates and layering paper. It resulted in a series of steps that I have already forgotten.  I remember cutting the background away from  a calendar photograph of a bird.  The the background was glued down leaving the negative space of the now cutaway bird.  I then flipped the  cut out bird around and glued the reverse image on top of the negative space bird.  Then came some matte medium to hold it all down, followed by cutting and gluing a color computer print of a close-up photograph of my rosemary plant.  A new subscription to the magazine “Bird and Blooms” presented some whimsical birdhouses.  I ripped a feather from a cat toy and then embarked on trying to make the whole piece work as a composition of color, texture and text.  I like my new set of letter stamps, however, using them was not without problems. Either my old stamp pad had a water based ink or the gesso wash I attempted to use to mute the text caused the lettering to dissolve and turn into a swash of black.  I was able to remove the blemish and stamp the text again.  This piece will probably go into my sketchbook as a statement about my new hobby watching birds.  It also reflects my nature which is content to stay at home and not venture too far away from my home base.  Home Sweet Home is definitely not done in my usual style.  My worked has always leaned towards a graphic sensibility.  I usually prefer edges tight and compositions that are simpler.  This could very well be my first shot at whimsy. I love the free abandon of two local artists whose work I have purchased.  Loretta,  a long time friend and also a former sister-in-law, has a style all her own.  Her work is very personal and symbolic.  It is also free spirited, whimsical and energetic.  Her colors are bold;  her figures look like people that would be fun to know.  She has ventured in many media including, but never limited to: doll making, wood carving, jewelry, painting, sculpture and my favorite, collage.  Loretta is inspiring as both an artist and person.   http://theartmotel.wordpress.com

Alice is another local artist who is a genius at recycling old discarded items into beautiful pieces.  We own a breadbox,  liquor cabinet, office chair and a kitchen cabinet door all painted with her wonderful imagery and colors. Ravens, crows, cows, moons and also a fair amount of whimsy inhabit the spirit of all these pieces.  Her business, Spirit and Kitsch, is aptly named.  http://www.spiritandkitsch.com/CoolGifts_201007.htm

It is quite remarkable that I gave up my Monday trip to the Salvation Army in order to work on my little collage.  Tomorrow will probably produce enough snow to keep me home.  The following day does not promise much weather improvement.  By then a trip to the supermarket will be more necessary.  I guess I can look forward to a few snowy art days.  Maybe I will make soup, too.

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  1. Michael’s has a lot of nice stamps but you should check out the Stampin’ Up catalog. All kinds of themed stamps as well as large textured backgrounds and letters. Also, I forget what brand it is, but there’s a craft ink at Michael’s that is permanent and should work better for you.

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