Paper Substrate

Day Two of  “Collage Lab” directed me to use a variety of papers and matte medium to secure them to the watercolor paper.  This solved my collage glue problem, although a heavy build up of the medium on my fingers was most unpleasant.  I did enjoy layering the papers, creating some transparency and a boat load of textures.  Again, my pages end up looking more like finished collages than a surface on which to build a collage.  I can’t resist the temptation to work with colors and when I do this the surface loses its neutrality.  I did stumble upon a neat discovery while adding my last post here.  Since I had scanned the pages in order to post the pieces in a gallery, I decided to print them and see what developed.  The images filled a letter size piece of paper, leaving a neat border around the image area.  The prints are now twice the size of the original, and since the resolution setting on my scanner must be pretty good, the detail on the prints is quite remarkable.  I actually like the prints better and can see them as paintings or mounted on wood and covered with gloss medium.  I might try both and see where it leads me.  So, in short, this plan to follow the suggested exercises in “Collage Lab”  is paying off.  My ideas seem to be flowing and I look forward to each day trying a new technique.  So far the cats have cooperated.  Apparently early afternoon is still nap time for the felines.  Now if I could only get Ferris to let himself out for his hourly jaunts around the yard, I would be really happy.

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