Simple Abundance

A number of years ago I received a book as a gift from my cousin, Joan:

“Simple Abundance:  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy,”  by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  The book has a daily entry (not unlike a blog) where the author “writes a book that would show me how to reconcile my deepest spiritual, authentic, and creative longings with often overwhelming and conflicting commitments- to my husband and daughter, invalid mother, work at home, work in the world, siblings, friends, and community.”  I could really relate to this book.  At the time I received it, I was a married, working mother who cared for my mother who was in a serious state of declining health due to Parkinson’s Disease.  I read some of the entries and probably could have heightened the benefit of the book by reading more.  There was never enough time then.  Now, in retirement, with only a home, husband and animals to use up the day,  I have picked up this book and have begun to think about passages as a connection to my art.  The most recently completed sketch, created on January 20th, was inspired by the January 2oth posting in the book.  A quote by Russell H. Conwell, “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas;  they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them,” was from his famous Victorian motivational lecture known as “Acres of Diamonds.”  I have always known that my happiness would come from within my own being and not from external influences.  Remembering my more productive artistic years as also happy ones, I hope to continue to “mine for diamonds” in my own backyard.  My visual journaling has reminded me of an early interest in the art of Ben Shahn.  I loved his line drawings, added text and social messages.  I need to revisit those images.

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