More Snow

Getting up before the dogs has its benefits on a daybreak with new snowfall.  Since Ferris (the difficult dog) has very short legs, I need to shovel a path for him to navigate.  Bella doesn’t really mind frolicking through the deeper snow,  but it is easier to have a clear walking area.  As previously mentioned, I have lost my footing on much less slippery surfaces.  Anyway, I managed to complete the chore before I needed to take the dogs out.  It was a particularly pretty snowfall.  The bright, full moon shone upon the white blanket and really created a lovely, peaceful scene.  It was early.  Later, I did manage to get my camera a get a shot of the pale pink sky above the winter white.

We received many beautiful Christmas cards from family and friends.  I saved a few with images I thought might fit in with my renewed interest in collage.  With the exception of Lorelei’s beautiful card, also of a winter scene and one that I will frame,  the cards went into a resource pile in my Salvation Army traveling storage bin.  A few days ago I came up with the sketch to the right.  Using a  sparkling black and white photographed image on a card from my cousin Gene and his wife, Janet,  I  hoped to capture the warm feeling even the coldest snowfall can create.  A little overworked for my liking,  I decided to pass judgment the following day.  It looked better when I viewed it more as a spectator rather than its creator.  We did the food shopping yesterday, have no appointments or need to go anywhere and will probably just enjoy the views of our winter wonderland.  A nice friend stopped by and plowed our driveway, refusing to take any compensation for the job.  Life is good.

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