Frederick and Nebbiolo

Two years ago we adopted Frederick from the local SPCA.  He actually spent very little time there since he and his litter mates were foster kittens in the care of Pam and Ray.  We have adopted all four of our cats,  and two who recently died,  from the Turner Place Finishing School for kittens and cats.  These cats are already socialized with other cats and humans.  They make for easy adoptions.  Frederick was named after a permanent member of the Turner Place School- “Wildman,” who was named for a human friend, Frederick Wildman.  So now there are now three with this name.  Both feline Freds are Maine Coon cats.  The minute I saw our tiny, furry Frederick, I knew I would have to adopt him.  Luckily I put in my request before Pam’s brother and wife.  They too thought he was perfect.  Pam convinced them to adopt two of Frederick’s brothers, Henry and Dylan.  Dylan was renamed Lorenzo and they both now reside happily in Massachusetts.  Frederick came to live with us during the summer.  He was about eight weeks old and full of energy and playfulness.  None of our then five other adult cats spent much time with him. ‘Uncle Berio,’ a sweet cat who enjoys mothering and washing the younger members, was more welcoming than the rest.  Frederick played mostly with our younger dog Bella, who at the time was four years old.  They didn’t seem to recognize their differences and were happy to chase each other engaging in what I would call dog play.  As Bella got rougher with Fred, I decided it might be a good idea to locate another young cat to adopt as his playmate.  As luck would have it, Nebbiolo was available and still residing at the adoption center of the local SPCA.  Nebbiolo was the fourth litter mate of Frederick, Henry and Lorenzo.  I thought about him a lot; worrying about him and feeling guilty that I allowed him to return to the shelter.  When I arrived to inquire about him I was ushered into a room filled with Nebbiolo look-alikes.  Nebbiolo is completely black.  We had to read the name tags to find him.  It struck me as odd that all the most difficult cats to get adopted would be segregated in one room.  Black cats still conjure up superstitions and historically are the least adopted cats.  Almost as if they knew no one would be interested in these black beauties and thought they might as well all be in one room out of the way.  This did not make me happy.  We found Nebbs, scooped him up and quickly exited to do the paper work.  I arrived home with Nebbiolo to be met by an extremely happy Frederick.  Usually it is wise to quarantine a new pet until they have all had time to adjust to the new scent and then to each other.  Gradually the new pet is introduced to the group.  Although I had success with this method in the past, I hoped that an early introduction to Frederick would rekindle their relationship.  Actually it took no time at all for both of them to begin their brotherhood again.  Bella now had two young cats to harass and the cats had each other to work as a team against her.  Two years later, the boys are well and happy.  They play, sleep, eat and do just about everything together.  They are big, strong cats with sweet and loving personalities.  Frederick is majestic in appearance.  Nebbiolo is sleek and powerful.  They like living with us and we are happy to be their humans.

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