Let it Snow

When we moved to central New York, our friends were surprised we were heading north instead of south.  Why aren’t you moving to a place where the climate is warmer?  True, our average temperatures are about ten degrees cooler here than they were in southern New Jersey.  True, there is a history of lots of snow in New York State.  That’s possible if you live in Syracuse, Oswego, Buffalo, or Rochester.  Lake effect snow can be treacherous, frequent and deep.  The largest amount of snow we have seen in the first three winters since our move measures around a foot.  The area is  well prepared for these events, and living on a State Highway entitles us to constant salting and plowing.  Our road intersects with another state road, also well cared for, which is the address for every conceivable type of store or convenience.  We pay a very nice man to take care of the driveway in the event that the snow exceeds six inches.  He even blows a path on our front lawn on which I walk my dogs.  By tomorrow there will have been three snowstorms to hit the metropolitan NY and Philadelphia areas.  Each storm has been a northeast swing of precipitation up the coast and each event dropped significantly more snow on those areas than it did in central NY.  I am well aware that this could easily change.  I worry more about the loss of electricity than I do the amount of snow we might receive.  Since we are retired, getting to work is not an issue on bad weather days.  It’s pretty safe to say that even in severe weather conditions, it wouldn’t take more than twenty-four hours to resume a somewhat normal day of activity.  I do remember hearing about a snowstorm that actually closed roads in the the city limits.  Not that anyone would have gone very far, since their cars were buried under a few feet of the white stuff.  So, while my friends and children in NJ and the lower tier of NY prepare and hope for a snow day, we await a possible four to six inches of snow.  Schools will be open where we live.

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