Bird Food Refills

The temperature is somewhere in the twenties; not as cold as it could be, but still pretty nippy.  The hanging bird seed socks were almost empty and two of the feeders were also quite low.  Wearing a hat, gloves, winter coat and my rubber boots, I ventured into the snowy yard with seeds in hand.  It wasn’t long before both by feet and hands were feeling the effects of the low temps.  I managed to fill the two cylindrical feeders, dust off the snow from the floor of the chalet and grab the two socks hanging in a tree.  My fingers, stiff from the cold, needed to warm up in order to untie the socks.  The sock refill would have to take place in the house, which is unfortunate, since as you fill these bags of netting, many of the seeds simply push themselves out.   Luckily I anticipated this and covered the counter with some newspaper.  After my hands and feet warmed up I returned to the outdoors and rehung the socks.  Now my finch friends will have plenty to munch on.  The sun is now shining and the snow has stopped.  It will not be long before the birds return.  I do enjoy watching the birds eat from our backyard buffet.  This pleasurable activity is a function of our new sun room.  I initially felt that this room should be free of television and technology. After all,  the whole point of a room full of windows seems to suggest we should be closer to nature.  It would also be silly to pay for another cable box and probably not easy to connect to our existing cable lines since there is no basement under the new room.  We have been accused by our children of never viewing the many DVDs they have purchased for us.  We have two DVD players, each connected to different television sets.  There is no particular reason why we haven’t taken advantage of this commercial free way to view movies and our favorite shows.  So today, before the bird event, we drove to Target and purchased a nice little 22″  flat HDTV/DVD combo.  Yes, I caved on the technology rant.  Screwed in the stand,  plugged it in,  popped in Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations: Sicily” and voila: great picture, no hassle, and a nice, warm, inviting room to watch both DVDs and the birds. Both of our children will be pleased.

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