Having Fun

By the third page of my new sketchbook you could almost say I was having fun.  Using a rough sketch done from a photo and Ferris in real time, I began to draw the oldest member of our animal clan.  I think he is sixteen years old.  It is appropriate that from the beginning this drawing would give me some trouble.  Ferris is a most difficult dog.  His only real fan, our son Michael, refers to him as “the best dog in the world.”  This would be a huge exaggeration and pretty much a big old lie, as Ferris has a long history of snipping at people,  peeing on the rugs and now, in his old age, forgetting to  empty his bowels outdoors.  Our daughter Michele refers to him as “the worst dog, ever.”  I couldn’t have said it better.  This brings to mind the recently past holidays when our living room was filled with all our kids and guests: Michele, Michael, Melissa, their friends Matt and Miyuki (a visitor from Japan.)  Ferris strolled aimlessly into the room using an all too familiar gait that would suggest he was about to ‘let go.’ Michael noticed this, having had the job of walking a younger Ferris outside for this purpose.  Unfortunately, Ferris, in his present state of mind (or lack thereof) doesn’t quite grasp the difference between indoors and outdoors.  Needless to say he staged his ‘production’ perfectly.  Everyone witnessed his mono-log.  All were amused, except Melissa, who had trouble handling the smell, and me, who would have to clean it up.  Ferris has also managed to maintain his appetite.  I’m sure he has heard me say on more than one occasion that I will judge each animal’s life by his or her willingness to eat.  Once the capacity to eat is gone, so will be the pet.  And so he continues to lust for morsels from our plates, creating an unusual timeline for his own meal. He will not finish his own food until some human food has passed his lips.  Considering that animal meals are always served at the same time each day, I find it unusual and again, very annoying, that Ferris can’t seem to orchestrate his ‘business’ at the same times, too.  I can be seen parading him around the yard in hopes of a drop, sometimes four or five times before I finally give up.  That is when he, of course, decides to give the gift indoors. Frustrating at the very least.  Back to the drawing.  At first, I was about to abandon the page.  I wasn’t sure that he would be a cartoon or more realistic rendering.  Somehow I persevered and managed to strike a balance.  I’m not sure this is a very dignified portrait of the old man, but it somehow captures his essence…and it provided a good laugh.

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