Christmas Clutter-Free

As much as I enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the slightly more festive vibe around the house,  (both inside and out) I am happy to see more space and less clutter now that I have completed ‘un-decking the halls.’   Labeling the bins should help next Christmas in locating all the seasonal treasures.  The process seemed to confuse Ferris, even more than usual.  I think he thought I was packing the car and getting ready for a road trip, with or without him.  His strolling about on bare floors makes the most annoying sound when his claws click on the surfaces.  His travels usually alert me to the fact that he needs to go out.  Not always, am I so lucky.  In any event, I am now free to do laundry, make soup stock with the bones of a rotisserie chicken I have eaten three nights in a row and prepare for Ron’s return from his trip to NJ…and maybe do some sketches?  There will be no more discussion of art production until I actually produce something.  Talk is cheap.  I did move Demi’s rocking chair to the back wall and hung my outdoor eucalyptus and chili pepper wreath on a remaining Command hook.  It is actually scenting the room.

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