New Year

I really wanted to use “My mother’s daughter” as my user name, but I wasn’t allowed to use the apostrophe.  Then I tried “Meanderings” but that was already in use.  So here I am with “circuitousjourney” which better describes my intent for the future rather than my past experiences.  Practical by nature and as a product of my mother’s influence, I settled into a reliable and long career as a high school art teacher.  I enjoyed my job and it worked fairly well with raising a family.  It didn’t hurt that I taught in the district in which I lived with my husband, two children and many pets.  Now that I have been retired for five years I feel as if it may be time to reinvent my path for whatever is left of my life.  Having earned a decent pension for my involvement with the youth of America, I do not need to work to earn a living.  This is, of course, in tough economic times, an aspect of my retirement for which I am most grateful.  Having taught art for thirty-two years, it would seem natural that I would pursue my artistic interests.  For some reason, I have not.  The process of selling our home of thirty-one years and moving to a new state and a house in dire need of renovation apparently sucked all the creativity out of me.  Even though my husband, nephew and countless construction teams did the actual physical work, my mind was consumed by the planning of these events.  As the time nears when only a few major projects still need to be done, I look forward to finding something else to do with my time.  My pets require a sizable chunk of time and attention from me, I pride myself in meal preparations that are healthy and I’m a reasonably organized housekeeper.  Aside from an addictive need to visit the Salvation Army Family Store at least weekly, and a new found interest in feeding and watching birds in my yard, I should still have enough time to to create something.  So here I am.  Hoping that organizing my thoughts and committing them to a blog, will somehow move me to a journey back into the creative realm.

About circuitousjourney

Retired Art Teacher
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2 Responses to New Year

  1. Yay…I am so excited about your new journey! I can’t wait to see your amazing artwork. The memories of so many of your creations are flooding in…not least the beautiful wedding rings! All my best wishes are flowing toward you!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. PS….I’m linking to your blog!

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