Feathered Friend

It seems likely that my best chance of motivating myself to create some form of art comes from combining the things that are most familiar to me.  I guess that would include my old dog Ferris, my younger dog Bella, my four cats (Berio, Demi, Frederick, Nebbiolo,) family, food, nature in general and my new feathered friends who visit our yard for added meals during the cold winter.  I am not alone in my fascination with the birds.  The cats seem to enjoy birdwatching, too, if their chatter and frantic attempts to get closer to my little friends are any indication.  A new sun room addition, featuring three walls of windows has improved our family’s appreciation of our backyard.  Spring, still some time in the future, will hopefully provide us a less frozen state of earth so that we might landscape and work on improving the view in our backyard.  The bird population that already visits our yard includes a large amount of gold finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves and in warmer weather, the buzzing humming birds.  In addition we have a doe and her twin fawns, a multitude of chipmunks, squirrels (both red and gray) and at least one very hardworking flying squirrel.  Coyotes and bears have been seen by others, but I have not witnessed them at the time of this writing.  In our previous home we were heavily populated with squirrels (to my husband’s dismay) who managed on more than one occasion to gain access to not only our walls, but into my son’s bedroom.  I have always wanted to illustrate a children’s book about these pushy, bushy tailed critters and our oak trees that attracted them.  Maybe this will come to pass, finally.  In the meantime, the present inspiration should get me started on some sort of project.  Paint, print, photo collage, sculpture, fabric: I’m not sure which path I might explore.  I guess engaging myself in some sort of process is far more important than knowing where I will end up.  Circuitous journey…

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Retired Art Teacher
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2 Responses to Feathered Friend

  1. loretta2 says:

    I love this photo…and this bird actually looks like a robin. Could it be?

    • I think it was too small to be a robin…maybe a sparrow or a titmouse…although I don’t see a tuft on its head. I think there might be some titmice that aren’t tufted. I got five bird books for Christmas. I’ll work on it!

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